Children's Shoes

Children's foot structure differs from adult to adult. The finger is wider, the heel is narrower and more flexible. The use of the wrong shoes in childhood can be transformed into orthopedic health problems in the following years. For this reason, children should be careful when choosing the shoes to be worn and pay attention to the following when selecting.

* The nose part of the shoe should be round and not to distort the shape of the fingers. It is best to have a distance of about halfway between your toes and the nose of your shoe.
* The rear part of your foot should be stiff. This should prevent the ball from being pressed in or out.
* The material used should be natural and airproof. The use of leather should be preferred because of its strength and naturalness at the same time.
* The flexibility of the nose portion of the shoe is important for the child's walking and other freedom of movement.